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EUSOBI Young Club
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Dear colleagues,

the European Society of Breast Imaging (EUSOBI) has launched a new interest group: the EUSOBI Young Club (EYC). If you are a medical or PhD student, a resident, a young radiologist, nuclear medicine physician or radiation therapist (up to the age of 35) with an interest in research in breast imaging, the EYC is your place! The EYC aims to create connections and foster collaborations between young researchers to increase their knowledge and reach their goals. The EYC strives to be an international communication platform to share experiences, exchange ideas, knowledge and educational information.

The EYC promotes the organisation of educational ('Basics in Breast Imaging') and scientific ('E2R: EUSOBI Education for Research') courses, at either free of charge or discounted fees to members of the EYC.

We invite you to become a EUSOBI and EYC member for a reduced annual membership fee of 30€* and to work and learn with us. The EYC is not restricted to European members but is also happy to welcome international members. The EYC is present in social media such as Facebook ( and can also be reached by email (

We hope you will join us and make the EYC another success story in breast imaging & research.

Yours sincerely,
on behalf of the EUSOBI Young Club
Katja Pinker-Domenig & Paola Clauser

*The reduced membership fee is available for medical or PhD students, residents, young radiologists, nuclear medicine physicians and radiation therapists until the age of 35 (incl. the age of 35).

YC Course: Basics in Breast Imaging
at ECR 2016, March 04, Vienna/AT

The EUSOBI Young Club is planning a Lunchtime Basic Course at the upcoming ECR 2016. The course will be held in the Austria Center Vienna, on Friday, March 04, 2016. Speakers will be renowned experts in the field of breast imaging.

The course will be free of charge for EUSOBI Members, imagers and researchers interested in the topic as well as the EUSOBI Young Club. Kindly note, a congress registration for ECR 2016 is required to attend this course.

As we need to make arrangements for the room and the catering, we need to get an idea how many participants may get attracted by this basic course. Therefore we started a doodle poll:

We are very much looking forward to your feedback by Monday, November 02, 2015!

In case of any questions or you need any further information, please or refer to the EYC facebook page:

Neutorgasse 9/2, AT - 1010 Vienna
+43 1 535 89 25, f +43 1 535 89 25 445

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