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Meet the Young Radiologist Section

Recently, a new section within the Belgian Society of Radiology (BSR) has been established directed towards radiology residents and recently certified radiologists: the "Young Radiologist Section" or simply YRS. With this organization, we want to make the connection between the BSR and all young radiologists in Belgium. In a medical professional environment that is not evident in the present times and where the future raises several questions but in turn also offers many challenges, it seems appropriate that young radiologists are represented in the BSR. Besides a good, future-oriented education, an early realization of the political developments in a rapidly evolving landscape is indispensable for the preservation of our profession in the long term.
The YRS aims to work on three areas: education, science and information distribution. We are collaborating with the scientific board of the BSR to organize a program at the annual symposium, focusing on young radiologists. The task "information distribution" can be broadly interpreted and includes practical matters such as certification, group licensing of encyclopaedia websites and the European Diploma in Radiology (EDiR).
All radiologists-in-training and recently certified radiologists are welcome at our meetings! These take place four times a year.
Our next meeting will be held in September. Contact one of our members if you are interested in joining us.
The Young Radiologist Section

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