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Flowchart Covid-19 patients Radiology Department

As for other infectious diseases, radiology departments must take appropriate measures to protect patients and personnel. Use of flow-charts is advised.
Outline of these safety measures will depend on how departments are organized.
Flowcharts and guidelines should be defined in close collaboration with the Hospital Hygiene Department (and/or Department of Infectious Disorders).
Update and revision of these flowcharts might be necessary during the upcoming weeks.
Minimum requirements that need to be defined in these flowcharts: 
Flowchart for radiology departments imaging Covid-19 patients or patients that might be infected:
  • The goal, to whom it is concerned, and responsible (contact) persons
  • Different or adjusted flow chart for different imaging modalities (US, CR, CT, MRI, interventional suite,…)
  • Preparation of rooms before arrival of patients: cleaning up and removing material, signalization, clearly defined waiting area, …
  • Communication: who to contact, phone numbers, communication before and after procedure, …
  • Different flow chart for internal patient transport
  • Protection measures for both personnel and patients
  • Before the examination it must be clearly communicated who will have contact with the patient and who remains at a distance, not touching the patient
  • Performing of the examinations: guidelines on different tasks of personnel (both from radiology department and clinical departments)
  • Cleaning the room after the procedure according to the local instructions
Flowchart for transport of Covid-19 patients to and from the radiology department:
Transport to the radiology department of Covid patients should be limited !
  • The goal, to whom it is concerned, and responsible (contact) persons
  • General principles: no transport without consent of both clinical and imaging department, personnel involved has a mobile phone during transport, shortest and safest route to the department and, transport by wheelchair or bed
  • Personnel: protection measures that need to be taken, number of people involved in the transport, phone numbers of the actors involved
  • Outline of different routes (for example radiology-emergency room, radiology-intensive care,…)
  • Differences in measures between transport of stable and acute patients should be defined


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