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COVID 19 imaging network

Dear Colleagues

The SFR, the CERF supported by all the members of the G4 and the Belgian Radiology Society are launching a health watch on COVID 19 imaging.

This monitoring is based on the weekly collection of 4 radiological indicators (Covid thoracic X-rays (suspicion or follow-up) / Total thoracic X-rays / Covid thorax CT (suspicion or follow-up) / Total CT Thorax) by means of a web questionnaire and will aim to monitor COVID activity within public and private imaging structures.
For structures wishing to become more involved in health monitoring, a second level of indicator collection will be possible.
This collection is done without patient data therefore without PCR results and will be accessible in a secure OPEN DATA.

We suggest that you identify a radiologist who will be the weekly contact to declare your activity in the database. In return, you will have the positioning of your centre in relation to the others. You will have the trends of the increase, the plateau or the decrease of the requests.

In addition to the quantitative criteria, this monitoring will also focus on a qualitative evaluation of the impact of this health crisis on our imaging structures.

We are convinced that many of us will participate in the health monitoring effort in a collaborative spirit. This will allow some to anticipate and others to describe the very particular situation we are all living together.

Thank you very much for your participation.

Registration :
In order to collect as much data as possible, the inclusions start on Monday.
You register, we will contact you.
Not having a COVID in its imaging structure is as important information as having one.
All structures, small or large, are solicited.


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